My oscillator will not properly track pitch from the Expert Sleepers FH-2 MIDI to CV Converter

Scott Riesterer -

The Expert Sleepers FH-2 must first be calibrated before it will accurately send pitch. Instructions from the manual are copy and pasted below:



Connect the FH-2's output which you want to calibrate to the VCO's pitch input.

Connect a signal from the VCO to the FH-2's X input. Ideally this would be a simple waveform such as a triangle or sine wave.

Select the output to be calibrated, highlight 'GO!' and press the encoder. The FH-2's output will step through a number of voltages, starting low and working up (remember this will be affected by the output range setting in the configuration). If you're monitoring the output of the VCO (for example by taking another output and listening to it), you should hear it step through a rising set of pitches. As the calibration runs, the FH-2 will draw a graph that shows pitch (horizontally) versus voltage (vertically). The steepness of the curve indicates the V/octave response of the VCO; At the left and right edges of the graph, any uncalibrated areas are filled in with copies of the nearest calibrated areas, shifted by octaves. 

When calibration is complete, the message “Accept?” appears. Press the encoder to accept the calibration and start using it on the chosen output. Press the left button to abandon the calibration and keep the pre-existing data.

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